Guarantee for Zytech LED branded LED luminaires

Zytech LED offers a guarantee of 3/5 years from the date of purchase for selected Zytech LED -branded LED luminaires Zyled family or series used in professional applications listed below (the “Guarantee”). The Guarantee applies to the following product Zyled families:

Down Lights
PAR 16 / 20 / 30 / 38
BR 40

General Conditions

• No registration is required.

• The 3 / 5-year Guarantee applies to the luminaire and, if any, the accompanying external ECG.

• Zytech LED reserves the right to decide on the validity of a Guarantee claim. For this purpose, the customer must return any defective luminaires, with sufficient postage, for analysis (enclosing a copy of the delivery note or the invoice, import docs, etc..).

• The following rules apply:

-The Guarantee applies only in case of a total failure exceeding the standard failure rate of 0.2% per 1000 operating hours.

-In case of complete failure exceeding the standard failure rate, Zytech LED will replace these luminaires free-of-charge, luminaires which have demonstrably failed due to a material or       manufacturing error during the Guarantee period.

• The Guarantee only applies when the luminaires are used within the allowed specifications (according to the datasheet) and if the luminaires have been installed, put into operation and used professionally (according to the enclosed user instruction). Limits of temperature values (reference temperatures at the luminaires) and the harmonics - voltage in the line values may not be exceeded.

• Due to both technical improvements and change of the luminous flux of the products during standard use, there can be variations for the specifications of the replacement compared to the original product.

• Statutory guarantee claims shall not be affected by this Guarantee and shall apply independent from and in parallel.


This Guarantee only applies in the EU/USA/CANADA. Guarantee claims will be handled by the local Zytech LED office in the relevant country.

Zytech LED can extend the value of these guarantees outside the EU / USA / CANADA provided the customer required in the commercial contract when buying the product .

Warranty claim: Step-by-step instructions:
Warranty claim?
Did you experience a defect during the guarantee period? We are sorry because this does not coincide with our quality standards. To resolve the problem, you can of course approach your dealer – or optionally you may contact us. In the latter case, it takes just five simple steps to get a replacement:

1.) Pack the lamp securely for transport. Use the original packaging if you still have it. Just wrap a few pages of newspaper around the lamp to provide some protection.
2.) Include the receipt or invoice in the package (either the original or a copy) if you still have it.

3.) Place the completed a legibly written letter that contains your address, telephone number and a brief description of the problem) into the carton.

4.) Seal the package and address it to us. You will find the address for returns in your country. A mailing and label is available with contact to the Zytech LED offices.

5.) Send the package to us –please affix correct postage. We will take care of the problem as quickly as possible!


Do you have questions? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About our product specifications 

Due to changes in constant regulations and specifications of product registrations, there may be some changes in the information of some of the products due to changes in them, so it is important the request of the relevant documentation from product records Zytech LED before Purchase of them.

Such modifications can alter logos, product information and graphics/logos on the packaging, without this being caused due to bad faith or intent by Zytech LED.

Please see our products Energy Star / DLC / UL / Nom / ANCE / RETILAP / EC.

They can also apply for IES. File of each product and technical data. 

At Zytech LED we are at your disposal for any further information you need.


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