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John Hartmann CEO of TRUE Value, Visits Zytech LED Booth

John Hartmann president and CEO of True Value, visits the Both of Zytech LED to talk with Roger Llohis (CEO of the company). It’s the first time that True Value will introduce the T8, T5, T10 and T12 products for the sale in its stores. At the same time, they have proposed a light retro fit program with the LED T8 12S product series (T smart series is the best option to suit the kinds of installation, without any light or retrofit kit solution). It is the first time that Zytech LED products will be on every corner of the USA, True Value has more than 4,900 stores around the country.
Zytech LED has a unique opportunity to make "T smart series" a more accessible product to all customers or installers.
You can find different versions of the LED Smart T8 series at TRUE VALUE stores, such as:
1. T8 8ft – HO, G13 and FA8 end connection
2. T8 4ft – HO and G12 end connection
3. T8 2ft – G13 end connection
4. T5 series – T5 end connection
T8 and T5 Smart series – work with any kind of ballast (T8, T10, T12 and T5 – electronic, magnetic, instant start) and without ballast, single or double end connection.


True Value - CEO

In the photo, from left to right,: Victor Faz (partner of Zytech LED and General Manager of Mexico Headquarter), John Hartman (CEO of True value), Diego Santoyo (Project manager of the San Diego office) and Roger Llohis (CEO of Zytech LED USA).

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